Welcome to HR24 – HR Consultancy with a Difference

HR24 was founded by Samantha Gaunt Assoc. CIPD in early 2018, after gaining HR experience in various industries such as Manufacturing, Crane Hire/Construction, Retail and Hospitality.

In 2016 Sammy embarked on the adventure of working within the Vaping industry. The world of Vaping is a relatively new and niche industry that shook the world, with brand new and innovative products, to aid customers in stopping smoking conventional cigarettes.

Sammy is a HR Generalist whose speciality is creating HR departments from scratch, and helping organisations to understand the organisational benefit to using a HR department.

One size does not fit all, and each organisation requires a different type of HR structure.

Typically, Sammy’s experience serves having worked with SME’s such as family run businesses and smaller firms, who find themselves on the cusp of needing HR advice and strategy alignment.

With a wealth of qualifications and experience behind her, Sammy can offer extensive value to any business out there. See her qualifications below –

CIPD Level 5 HRM Qualified along with CIPD Associate Membership

Life Coaching Diploma

Level 3 HR Management

Business Management Level 3

In Depth Depression; A Compassionate View

The point of difference with HR24 is just that! A 24 hours a day service, because let’s face it, most organisations these days have workers that perform ‘out of hours’ work. It might be that an event has occurred on a night shift, and advice is needed right then and there.

HR24 puts the customer first and ensures that help is there, whenever you need it.

How can HR benefit my organisation?

Human Resource Management is the process in which people and organisations work together, to help achieve a shared purpose. Some people say that they are in the business of money, wrong! You are in the business of people. There is not one organisation in the world that doesn’t involve communicating and dealing with other people.

So why wouldn’t we see people and their skills as the biggest asset to the company? Good question.

Quite often, businesses forget about what (or who) ensures that their business operates, and they get caught up in the day to day runnings, which of course is paramount to success, but what if we also focused on improving the people and their skills? Surely any organisation would benefit from that.

Every now and then, you might get blindsided by an employee relation issue, such as poor performance or misconduct, that makes you question about how you should deal with it. Couple that with needing to comply with employment law, sometimes you may feel uncomfortable taking effective measures in fear of a tribunal case being presented to you. In all instances, HR advice is certainly worth the time and effort.

Protecting your business and it’s biggest asset, the people, should be the organisations number one priority.

Someone once told me, HR is the biscuit case to your cheesecake.

Without the biscuit base, you don’t have a cheesecake!

How can HR24 benefit my organisation?

HR24 offers an entire Human Resource Management Solution for your organisation, as and when your organisation requires it. With a simple pricing structure, it is very straight forward and easy to understand.

HR24 also offers a mentorship service which most organisations we work with, tend to need more often. It could be that you have an existing employee who would benefit from gaining basic HR knowledge, or perhaps a small team who could all do with a broader knowledge.

We also offer tailored training for line managers in dealing with employee issues such as grievances, absence management, performance management and effective teamwork.

HR24 will also work at a higher strategic level, by analysing people data to ensure business decisions are well informed. This ensures that you are making the right decisions for your organisation, by getting the right people, at the right time, the right roles. You wouldn’t want to implement an entire warehouse re-structure when half of the workforce are off on their jollies!

The most extensive service that HR24 offers is the bespoke creation of a your own HR Department. This includes recruiting, creating core company values and custom made policies and procedures. The list goes on!

Before embarking in this service, it is important to know that one size does not fit all and what this service entails depends entirely on you and your firm. Typically, this would start with extensive meetings to discuss your needs and a price is then quoted. It is impossible to be able to quote on this service without fully basking in your culture and knowing your needs.

The next step in this journey is to see the prices. You can see the prices by clicking on the ‘Services’ tab.